Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brussels BE: Mesa Eurasian Filipino Restaurant

One of my Filipino friends in Brussels informed us that there is a new Filipino restaurant which opened recently. The Filipino restaurant is located in Ixelles. We went to visit one Friday night and I was just stunned to see a place fully packed with Filipinos. They have a live band playing ballads during Fridays and Saturday.  The food is not exceptionally great but is good enough to be enjoyed for a dinner. The service is quite slow as we had to wait for 1 hour for the food to be served but I heard that they are trying to improve it. Price of food is very affordable with huge serving.

Do be prepared for a dinner with sound-surround noise just like in Manila with all the Filipinos chattering and a good music in the background.

My friends enjoying the local beer (San Miguel). They also have Red Horse Beer but ran out that night.

We ordered crispy pata on the side and I should say this is their perfect dish. The meat is soft and tender and the skin is very crispy. Perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The rice is not proportion to the main meal. I also don't advise for someone to finish this alone.

My friend also ordered goat kaldereta (goat stew) and it was nicely cooked. I would say that this was my favorite dish grabbing the #2 spot.

We also ordered  Kare-Kare, Morcon and Arrozcaldo. I didn't like how they cooked all these dishes. I think they could have cooked it better. Also the serving of the shrimp paste that came with the kare-kare was so small considering that the dish was served on a claypot.

I ended up the night with a halo-halo dessert and this was really good. It's the same taste as you get in Manila and they had ube ice cream! 

I also managed to try their palabok which is quite good. On my other visit (not seen on the pictures), I got to try ampalaya con carne, sisig, and lo-mi. I only like how they cooked sisig and was not a fan of how they cooked ampalaya or lo-mi.

Still it was a good place to visit when I crave for some Filipino food. Each dish costs around Eur 9-13 and is given with huge serving good for sharing.

Mesa Eurasian Filipino Restaurant
Rue Emile Clause 51, Ixelles 1050


  1. Awesome news! Thanks for all the great info and pics. I will definitely visit this restaurant this weekend!!

  2. Nice comment!
    There is a special event this Friday 16/11
    Happy Hours from 6PM to 8PM 10% discount on drinks
    "Filipino Comedy Fan"

  3. Very informative... will definitely visit the restaurant...

  4. Yey now I know what to order. Thanks! The crispy pata looks irresistable!